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We have moved and are happy to welcome you in the middle of the vibrant media center Cologne East! Our new studio building has been adapted exactly to our high quality standards: with several recording facilities built from scratch, post production suites and an exquisite Dolby Atmos control room. Our well-rehearsed team will continue to serve you professionally and support you in your projects.

Tonstudio Krauthausen is your partner for audio recordings of the highest quality. First-class service, long-standing experience, excellent technical equipment and professional organisation are the hallmarks of our business and enable us to guarantee efficient processes and brilliant results. That’s something you can rely on.

We are a team of four permanent employees and a network of longstanding freelancers. Our services cover voice recordings, sound design, film and video dubbing (ADR) and mixing, 3-D-Audio mixing (Dolby Atmos), music production, mastering (for CD, Vinyl, Streaming), audio restoration as well as the composition of music tailored precisely to your production. Whether it is music that gets under the skin or information that sticks indelibly in the mind, working with us will make sure your message is heard – on the international stage, too. In cooperation with our partner agency Ost-West we produce recordings in over 50 languages.

You can listen in live to direct your recording, no matter where you are (via Skype, telephone, SessionLinkPRO or Source-Connect) or put your trust completely in our team.

Your production will be archived for years, allowing you to access the recordings at any time to make alterations or improvements, which can be added seamlessly to the production without any problems.

Our references

Excellent digital technology and high-end analogue components provide the basis for perfect production conditions, from recording to mixing.

Atmosphere is very important for us. Our bright, spacious rooms enable focussed working in a pleasant environment.


Tonstudio Krauthausen GmbH

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