Emotions guaranteed: bespoke soundtracks for your products

Music is a universal language that speaks directly to the heart and charges your production with emotions that make lasting impressions. In collaboration with a team of composers and arrangers, Tonstudio Krauthausen will create an individual soundtrack according to your precise wishes, either software-based or recorded live.

To begin with, we just listen to you; soak up your ideas – and then transform them into music. The services we offer cover the composition, arrangement and production of film scores and music beds for trailers and TV spots. And you’ll be able to benefit from the network and skills of our studio founder Dieter Krauthausen, who has been actively involved in countless CD productions, live performances and film scores as a sound engineer, musician, producer, arranger, composer or sound director.

…and because we want the music to sound exactly how you and the musicians want it to sound, we put together powerful and brilliant mixes and masters – optionally for vinyl, streaming platforms, 3D audio (Dolby Atmos) or CD. This guarantees the highest quality reproduction on whatever technical device, system or media you choose.

Since 2017 we have been approved by Apple for “Apple Digital Masters” (former Mastered for iTunes”)

Listen to some of our references here:

Tonstudio Krauthausen GmbH

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