Biography & references

Dieter Krauthausen, born 1960. Studied music form 1980-1984 at the Musikhochschule Köln (University for Music and Dance in Cologne), main subject, classical guitar. 1984-1986, post graduate course in sound engineering at the Robert Schumann Institute in Düsseldorf. 1984-1996, together with Arno Steffen, owner of the recording studio “Fertig United Tonstudio”.

Worked as a freelance sound engineer in numerous studios in Germany and abroad, incl.  CAN-Studio, Conny Plank Studio (Cologne), Home Studios (Hamburg), Metropolis Studios (London), MG-SOUND (Vienna), Olympic Studios (London), Mission Sound Recording (New York). 1997 “krauthausen musik & tonproduktion” established, which, after two re-locations and extensions, became the owner-led “Tonstudio Krauthausen GmbH” in 2011. In addition, collaborations as sound engineer, musician, producer, arranger, composer or sound director on numerous CD productions, live performances and film scores. Since 2001, productions for the music publishing business “Madi-Music Publ. and the label “Madi-Music“.

Winter term 2002/2003, guest professorship at Mainz University of Applied Sciences in “Audio Design” at the Institute for Media Design and Media Technology, IMG.


The Unknown Cases – Masimba Bele (1983, Remix) Bläck Fööss – “Zweierlei Fööss” (1986, 2 Titel Konzertgitarre und String-Arrangement) Marius Müller Westernhagen – “Lausige Zeiten” (1986, Tape-Operator, Assistent-Engineer) Westernhagen – Westernhagen (1987, Assistant-Engineering) Fred Banana – Fred Banana! (1988, Engineering) The Unknown Cases – Bogota Boogie (I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby) (1989, Remix, Producer) Westernhagen – Halleluja (1989, Assistant-Engineering) Montanablue – Foolish Man (1989, Recording, Mixing) Various – Köln Sampler 91 (1991, Recording, Mixing) Crazy Sex Idiots – Happy! (1992, Recording, Mixing, Co-Composer, Co-Texter, Gitarre) LSE – Für Et Hätz Un Jäjen D’r Kopp (1992, Recording, Mixing) Arno Steffen – Arsch Huh, Zäng Ussenander II (1992, Co-Composer, Recording, Mixing) Winterschladen & Tsangaris – King Gong (1992, Recording, Mixing) [Em:Zeh] – Wortsport (1993, Recording, Mixing) Various – Köln Sampler `93 (1993, Recording, Mixing) The Absurd – Late Then Never (1993, Remix) LSE – Ruhm Kennt Keine Gnade (1994, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Affentheater (1994, Recording, Mixing) Various – Freispiel – The Soundtrack (1994, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Keine Zeit (Original Soundtrack) (1996, Recording, Mixing, 5.1-Mixing) Herbert Knebels Affentheater – Knebel On The Rocks (1998, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Radio Maria (1998, Recording, Mixing) Herbert Knebel – Live in Gelsenkirchen (1999, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Jaja (2000, add. Engineering) Westernhagen – Rosanna (2000, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Nimm Mich Mit 2000 (2000, Recording, Mixing) Geburtstagsgeschichten und Lieder mit der Maus (2000, Heinz, der Elefant, Arrangement, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – So weit… (Best Of Westernhagen) (2000, Producer Titel 01 – 08, Recording, Mixing) Herbert Knebels Affentheater – Unter Strom (2001, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – In Den Wahnsinn (2002, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Es Ist An Der Zeit (2002, Recording, Mixing) Barclay James Harvest Featuring Les Helroyd – Live in Bonn, 30th October 2002 (2002, Mixing) Westernhagen – Böser Engel (2003, Recording, Mixing) Hansonis – No Man Believes (2004, Producer, Recording, Mixing) Elke Heidenreich – Dylan Thomas (2004, Producer, Mixing) Hansonis – Drink and Drive with Dylan Thomas (2004, Madi-Music Publ., Producer, Recording, Mixing) 6 Richtige – Morgen (2005, Madi-Music, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Nahaufnahme (2005, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Eins (2005, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Alles Ist Möglich (2005, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Wenn Das Licht Auf Dich Fällt (Westernhagen In Concert 2005, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Herbert Knebels Affentheater – Nix Wie Weg! (2006, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Köster/Hocker – Jedrisse, Baby (2007, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) De Familich – Un Mer Singe All Die Leeder (2008, Mastering) Westernhagen – Williamsburg (2009, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Wir Haben Die Schnauze Voll (2010, Recording, Mixing) Farfarello – Glück! (2010, Engineering Vorproduktion) Westernhagen – Hottentottenmusik (2011, Recording, Mixing) Various – Arsch Huh 2012 (2012, Recording, Mixing) Michael Hansonis – Shark Week (2012, Producer, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – Alphatier (2014, Recording, Mixing) Köster/Hocker – Kumm Jangk (2014, Co-Producer, Recording, Mixing) Westernhagen – MTV Unplugged (2016, Recording, Mixing, 5.1-Mixing) Köster/Hocker – A’s Kla? (2017, Producer, Recording, Mixing) Various Artist – Lauter Köln Sampler (Remastering, Digital Release, 2018, Madi-Music) The Wheel Walkers – Can’t Fake It (2018, Recording, Mixing) Manos Tsangaris – Elephant’s Easy Moonwalk Through The Night (2018, Producer, Recording, Mixing) Barny Junker / Friso Lücht – Junker & Lücht (Vinyl, 2019, Madi-Music) Köster/Hocker – Fremde Feddere (2019, Producer, Programming, Recording, Mixing) AG Arsch Huh – Su läuft dat he (2019, Madi-Music, Recording, Mixing) Doug MacLeod & Vincent Abbate – The Authorized Compact Biography of Doug MacLeod (Audiobook, 2019, Madi-Music) Westernhagen – Das Pfefferminz-Experiment / Woodstock-Recordings Vol. 1 (Recording, Mixing, 3D DolbyAtmos-Mischung, Filmmischung Doku) Kids In A Toy Store – One (2019, Madi-Music) Kids In A Toy Store – Two (2020, Madi-Music) Kids In A Toy Store – Life Is Good (2020, Madi-Music) Kids In A Toy Store – Sommer In Der Stadt (2020, Madi-Music) Michael Hansonis – Born To Find You (2020, Madi-Music & Madi-Music Publ., Co-Producer, add. Recording, Mixing) DEKO feat. Peter Brings – Sodom und Gomorrha (2021, Madi-Music, Mixing) Manos Tsangaris – Unlock the Stillness (2021, Producing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering) Westernhagen – Das eine Leben (2022, recording vocals, editing) Stoppok – Happy End im La-La-Land 30th anniversary edition (2023, remastering digital and vinyl) Sebel – Lehramt, radio edit (2023, Mastering digital and vinyl) Andre Haggeney – Russland (2023 mastering) Sebel – Der Boxer (2023, Mastering digital and vinyl) Unlock The Stillness – Telepathic Talents (2023, electronics, recording, mixing, mastering, co-producing)

Tonstudio Krauthausen GmbH

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